Street Family

Sometimes it straight up takes being silly and obnoxious to capture the good and timeless moments. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to make fart noises, cross my eyes, tickle kids, bring out my double chin, and a heck of a lot more to get those priceless, genuine smiles. I absolutely am thrilled to do those funny things, but man I get a kick out of all the fun back stories to each and every one of my sessions!

I’m so glad I can help create these special moments for my family sessions while capturing emotion, love, and a bit of silly!

This family session was one for the books! This is my second year doing their family session and I die every time over their cute family! I might have given the kids too many smarties (sorry mom and dad hahaha) but I can’t get over how these candid moments turned out. Now let me stop my rambling so you can get a peek at the highlights from this beautiful session!

Moore Wedding

Two words….Waffle Bar. THEY HAD A FLIPPING WAFFLE BAR at their wedding! Can I say freaking legit? That’s how the whole day was. Everything was so amazingly planned and put together. Josh & Jessie were STUNNING from the start of the day to the moment they exited the reception. Tons of memories and connections were made from this wedding and I was so proud and honored to be apart of their special day.

Horse Series

When I was just a little girl, I was invited to my best friend’s birthday party and we went horse riding! I was so excited but extremely nervous because of how large the animals were. Add the fear of falling off, and I was a nervous wreck to say the least.

We met at her house and piled in the mini van to head up to the ranch in Southern Utah. With only minutes to spare before I’d meet my horse I’d be riding, I shakily brushed back my hair into a pony tail and ran out the door of the van to meet my group. After the birthday girl picked her horse she would be riding, they called out my name to pick my horse. I saw the most GORGEOUS horse alive. It was a Paint horse, spattered with stunning browns and white’s from head to toe. His name was Rocky. As I picked my horse, I immediately fell in love and all nerves were gone.

To say the least, I had the time of my life and from then on during the birthday part, and I have always kept my eyes out for horses whenever I pass by a ranch, farm, etc. Specifically Paint horses.

Last night I had the amazing opportunity after a family shoot to meet up with some horses that were there roaming the land. My camera was in my hand so quick and I just started snapping away! There was one paint horse there too! I had so much fun with these gentle giants while bringing back the fun birthday memory when I was a little girl.

This is why I LOVE what I do. I love that I am able to keep these memories FOREVER with these images and that they were able to bring back memories of when I was a little. Thank you to my camera, and to God for creating such amazing creatures.

7 Magic Mountains

Traveling is what we love, and what we love to do on a regular basis. So in honor of our 4th Anniversary, we celebrated by heading south to the land of massive colored rocks or in other words, the 7 Magic Mountains. This adventure has been on my bucket list ever since Ugo Rondinones, the Swiss artist, created this spectacle just off of I-15.


What better way to see these gigantic colored rocks than at sunrise! We got up at 5:00AM and headed out the door at about 5:30AM. Zoomin’ through the darkness down south through the gorge was a whole other sketchy adventure, but we eventually got there!


It was surprisingly easy as pie to find! We parked the car, then headed about 100 feet from the parking lot to the colorful installation. I had absolutely no clue how huge these rocks were. Driving by on occasion to California and seeing them they seemed kind of big but holy moly, they were huge. And to even think how Ugo stacked the rocks is completely baffling.


After about 30 minutes of shooting as the sun peaked over the east hills, we were completely in awe at the beauty of this art. My bucket list item was overly met and it was a dream come true for this art nerd over here. Color has truly always played a huge role in my art and so anything that has a lot of color, I’m immediately attracted to!


Huge thanks to my cute husband for going along with my silly ideas! If you are interested in seeing these, DO IT! You won’t regret it! I highly recommend going either at sunrise or sunset. It adds that extra “umph.” Best anniversary ever!